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I'm a natural light photographer.  That means, I photograph primarily with natural light rather than flash photography and most (but not all) of my sessions are outside.  Assuming you’ve been researching photographers you’ve probably found that most professionals can take a photograph that is pleasing to the eye, focused and sharp, and exposed in a manner that is clear to the viewer.  We should all be playing on the same 'technical' field.  What sets us apart is our philosophy, style, and price.  How do we frame each shot, what do we find important in the moment?  How do we edit those images?  And often, most important, what will it cost?  That’s what makes each of us different. It’s simply our photographic fingerprint and it's ultimately why I hope you'll choose me.

So what IS different about me, other than being the 'extrovert' in the room?  I am a licensed photographer in the state of alaska as well as the North Pole.  I also believe taking a photograph is a way of slowing down time, of stopping it for a fraction of a second so that when you look back on it a year, 5 years or even 10 years from now, you don't just remember the moment, you remember an entire era of your life.  That’s my style.  That’s my philosophy.  

 I prefer photographing children and families. Why? Because they are truly unbridled emotion and give me such a colorful palette from which to paint. I love capturing  families who give me a window into their world.  Crooked smiles and wrinkled foreheads smiling at years of history with the family they love, or years they hope to have.   I love a great shot of a belly laugh.  I want to hear your story, but most of all  I want to photograph it as a memory and an experience.  No, this is not traditional photography.  Its candid, and honest, and silly, and hopefully exactly what you're looking for.  This is really what I’m best at, being in the moment with you.  


So, if you’d like to be in the moment with me, and you think I sound like a good fit for your family, let’s talk about it.   The important thing to remember is the time is yours, and I can adapt to your needs.