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Things I love...

Flawed Hero’s

Coca Cola in a glass bottle

Flash Mobs

Music of all genre’s played just a little too loud

Old people

Acoustic guitars

People who cry when new babies are born

Sweet tea with lemon

Human kindness

Dinner at the table

My husband in his battle rattle


The smell of Burt’s Baby Bee

Anniversary Dinners

People who take risks

Little boy ROARS!

Moments when you say...
"Remember when..."
Ruffle Butts 

Military Homecomings

Puppy Breath


A good campfire

Raising my glass

Coffee....and more Coffee

I’m your photographer,  listener, talker, smile conjurer, and soul searcher.  I firmly believe we are always right where we’re supposed to be when we’re supposed to be there.  If you're there with me behind the camera, that's even better. 

Sepia tone prints with beautiful edges aren't the vehicle of our memories anymore.  We live in an age of digital templates.  I seek to restore you to the 'vintage' age of printed photography.  I want you to hang your images on every wall so that each time you pass them by you see the beautiful faces of those you love the most.  

I love photography.  It’s just that simple.  I love to challenge myself and experiment.  I love talking to you about it.  I love dreaming up ideas for your sessions.  I love the magic of snapping an image and the nostalgia that looking at it some years later creates.  The romantic way we might remember a time in our life what was or wasn't as beautiful as the image I create. I love the smile, a “remember when….”  brings.   That’s really all I can say, I just love it.   Anything else you want to know...just ask.  I’m an open shutter.  

 Jae Murphy Photography, thank you for capturing such a great shot of me! You know I'm a little critical.